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12 Leaders, 10 Months - Starting in March 2022

What if every individual, leader, and organization was caring enough to accept what is, and courageous enough to chase what could be? What if you could connect your true intention to your actions so you could live your best life and do your best work every single day, then teach others to do the same? That's what this experience is all about. It starts with you!


This is a personalized and unforgettable experience for 12 leaders over 10 months. One full day retreat every month + monthly individual coaching sessions in between. Food, snacks, swag, and materials included. At the end of the 10 months you will get all the exercises, resources, and tools to take this work to your team and other people in your life. 


This experience is for individuals who:

  • Have 10+ years of experience as a leader in their community, organization, family, or all of the above and take their influence and impact on others very seriously

  • Will commit to work involved in The Experience; be present and willing to participate in challenging assignments

  • Have an open heart and mind, and align with The Restoration Project’s core values

  • Desire to participate in a reflection-based experience versus an answers-driven workshop that helps them better understand oneself

  • Are dedicated to lifelong learning

  • Seek to create next-level experiences for everyone you touch

  • Want to learn more about how the intricacies of human behavior can positively impact organizational outcomes

Each individual participant will walk away with:

  • Greater clarity and confidence in their leadership abilities, the life they want to live, and the legacy they want to leave

  • A deeper understanding of who they are, what they want, and how to live and work in a more connected and intentional way

  • The ability to use candor, care, and communication to get to the root of issues, eliminate emotional and time waste, and ensure better execution

  • Tools and resources to foster a more trusting, safe environment that creates a better experience for all and better outcomes for the organization

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