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Our Story


Thank you for your interest in our story. We are so grateful to our family, friends, community, and God for all the incredible support and blessings we have been given! We appreciate all of you individuals and leaders who invested in us from the very beginning. We are honored to serve you, and have been inspired and empowered to serve and support others because you believed in us. Thank you!


The Restoration Project was founded in 2019 by Lindsay with a dream to help people and organizations reach their full potential. Throughout her career, Lindsay was invited to use her gifts and skills to help other leaders improve their confidence and clarity of vision and purpose. She was the go-to for many people issues that popped up, and asked to help with complex human challenges that go along with successfully executing strategy or working through change. Lindsay knew if she focused on addressing the human issues that get in the way of high performance, she could make a tremendous impact on the leaders and organizations she loves. 


In 2020, Brooke joined as the Energy Builder and a Partner to formalize The Restoration Project as a life and leadership development organization. Their mission is to build connection, restore intention and inspire action through individual and group coaching, organizational consulting, workshops, retreats, and speaking engagements. Her talents complemented the organization and they became a strong, positive duo of opposite complementary strengths. Later in 2020, Sarah joined as the Creator of Calm to assist with the growing needs of the organization by building out the operational structure and supporting the team with their day-to-day action. 


The team has been blessed to work with a variety of individuals, leaders, and organizations across the world! The Restoration Project team is excited to see what the future holds and thankful to continue adding incredible talent as the platform and impact grow.


If you, your team, or your organization are ready to take things to the next level - The Restoration Project team would love to support you in living your best life and doing your best work!


A world filled with individuals and organizations who live, lead, and work with meaning on their journey to reach their full potential.


Build connection, restore intention and inspire action.



Understand yourself and honor others. Live with courage. Lead with love. Act with integrity. Connect to something greater.


Dream Builder + Coach | Speaker | Consultant

Most of us live and work reacting to the world around us. We are unaware of the experiences and influences that have shaped our perceptions of ourselves and the world. In order to be your best self, live your best life, do your best work, and have the best relationships, you have to make time for thinking, reflection, learning, and growth.  

When we encounter issues, we often don’t dig deep enough to get to the root cause, or we let fear and limiting beliefs hold us back. I want to help you find clarity, confidence, and courage to lead, work, and live to your fullest potential. I can help you craft and work toward your highest vision for yourself, your team, your organization, and your life. 

Don’t leave anything on the table. Be intentional, and honor this one life you have to live!


How clients describe Lindsay: 

Courageous, Candid, Caring, Disciplined, Problem Solver, Strategic, Synergist


What Lindsay is passionate about and gets hired for: 

  • Support an executive or team member to move from stuck, struggling, or unsure to the next level. 

  • Help an individual work through struggles, fears, limiting beliefs, and rediscover their purpose and passion.

  • Bring a team together under a shared vision and mindset, then put the systems and processes in place to help them perform at the highest level. 

  • Facilitate the turnaround of a struggling team or organization. 

  • Map out and help execute a next-level client experience that separates from the competition and keeps customers for life.

  • Create an enjoyable and energetic strategic planning or change management experience, and assist with putting an effective execution strategy in place. 

Energy Builder + Coach | Speaker | Mentor

You deserve happiness and the levels of success you desire. You have rights, you have worth and you have value. Through my own struggles with self worth, value, and 'people pleasing' coping mechanisms I can help you to set healthy limits around yourself, to feel the inner power and freedom to be exactly who you are, and be able to give that same grace to others.  

When you honor your limits, you become the owner and keeper of your life. I can help direct your mindset towards thoughts and feelings that serve your higher good. My friend, you do you. So get up, suit up and listen up. Let's GO!

How clients describe Brooke:

Strength, Courageous, Energetic, Empathetic, Encouraging, Positive, Connector

What Brooke is passionate about and gets hired for: 

  • Meeting an individual where you’re at, and creating a plan together in moving forward tackling barriers to becoming the best you can be.

  • Supporting individuals and teams on personal and professional accountability. Development or adjustments in daily habits and routine mindsets and behaviors.

  • Facilitating change and improvements within company or team environments as it relates to communication, building trust and understanding, or clarifying roles and accountability. 

  • Encouraging individual mentoring, walking alongside and offering support in areas you feel you need it most, even when you may not know exactly ‘what’ that is.

sarah0039_bw (1).JPG

Creator of Calm

Your time, energy, heart and brain space are precious and must be protected. You may need guidance and a variety of tools to get there. Focusing on what matters to you and the life you want, will take some internal work - I’ve been there. Hey, I’m still there. Listening truly and deeply will lead to the best answers. I quit my career (twice!) before discovering and embracing my own path.

The beauty is, nothing is permanent and we are delighted to be part of your ever-changing journey. One promise, there is no overnight magic! Breathe. Patience, my darling. We’ll be right here with you.

How clients describe Sarah:

Listener, Compassionate, Intentional, Uplifting, Practical, Explorer, Brave, Introspective, Wise


What Sarah is passionate about and gets hired for: 

  • Identify the unique needs, wants, hopes and dreams of individuals.

  • Create calm in life, work and everything in between.

  • Reduce overwhelm and set priorities.

  • Improve organization, time blocking strategies and establish healthy boundaries.

  • Research, writing, editing and detail driven projects.

  • Content creation for personal branding pieces that reflect your best self.

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