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Creator of Calm

Your time, energy, heart and brain space are precious and must be protected. You may need guidance and a variety of tools to get there. Focusing on what matters to you and the life you want, will take some internal work - I’ve been there. Hey, I’m still there. Listening truly and deeply will lead to the best answers. I quit my career (twice!) before discovering and embracing my own path.

The beauty is, nothing is permanent and we are delighted to be part of your ever-changing journey. One promise, there is no overnight magic! Breathe. Patience, my darling. We’ll be right here with you.

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How clients describe Sarah:

Listener, Compassionate, Intentional, Uplifting, Practical, Explorer, Brave, Introspective, Wise.


What Sarah is passionate about and gets hired for: 

  • Identify the unique needs, wants, hopes and dreams of individuals.

  • Create calm in life, work and everything in between.

  • Reduce overwhelm and set priorities .

  • Improve organization, time blocking strategies and establish healthy boundaries.

  • Research, writing, editing and detail driven projects. 

  • Content creation for personal branding pieces that reflect your best self.

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