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Energy Builder + Coach | Speaker | Mentor

You deserve happiness and the levels of success you desire. You have rights, you have worth and you have value. Through my own struggles with self worth, value, and 'people pleasing' coping mechanisms I can help you to set healthy limits around yourself, to feel the inner power and freedom to be exactly who you are, and be able to give that same grace to others.  

When you honor your limits, you become the owner and keeper of your life. I can help direct your mindset towards thoughts and feelings that serve your higher good. My friend, you do you. So get up, suit up and listen up. Let's GO!

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How clients describe Brooke:

Strength, Courageous, Energetic, Empathetic, Encouraging, Positive, Connector 


What Brooke is passionate about and gets hired for: 

  • Meeting an individual where you’re at, and creating a plan together in moving forward tackling barriers to becoming the best you can be.

  • Supporting individuals and teams on personal and professional accountability. Development or adjustments in daily habits and routine mindsets and behaviors.

  • Facilitating change and improvements within company or team environments as it relates to communication, building trust and understanding, or clarifying roles and accountability. 

  • Encouraging individual mentoring, walking alongside and offering support in areas you feel you need it most, even when you may not know exactly ‘what’ that is.

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