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Dream Builder + Coach | Speaker | Consultant

Most of us live and work reacting to the world around us. We are unaware of the experiences and influences that have shaped our perceptions of ourselves and the world. In order to be your best self, live your best life, do your best work, and have the best relationships, you have to make time for thinking, reflection, learning, and growth.  

When we encounter issues, we often don’t dig deep enough to get to the root cause, or we let fear and limiting beliefs hold us back. I want to help you find clarity, confidence, and courage to lead, work, and live to your fullest potential. I can help you craft and work toward your highest vision for yourself, your team, your organization, and your life. 

Don’t leave anything on the table. Be intentional, and honor this one life you have to live!

  • Grit, Gratitude and Grace
  • Lindsay Leahy LinkedIn

How clients describe Lindsay: 

Courageous, Candid, Caring, Disciplined, Problem Solver, Strategic, Synergist


What Lindsay is passionate about and gets hired for: 

  • Support an executive or team member to move from stuck, struggling, or unsure to the next level. 

  • Help an individual work through struggles, fears, limiting beliefs, and rediscover their purpose and passion.

  • Bring a team together under a shared vision and mindset, then put the systems and processes in place to help them perform at the highest level. 

  • Facilitate the turnaround of a struggling team or organization. 

  • Map out and help execute a next-level client experience that separates from the competition and keeps customers for life.

  • Create an enjoyable and energetic strategic planning or change management experience, and assist with putting an effective execution strategy in place.

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