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The Energy Builder

Brooke Fitzgerald




Our approach centers around reflection and action. We come in with open minds and open hearts.



Understand yourself and honor others. Live with courage. Lead with love. Act with integrity. Connect to something greater.

We take a holistic approach to coaching individuals and consulting organizations to live, lead, and work with meaning.


Build connection, restore intention and inspire action.


A world filled with individuals and organizations who live, lead, and work with meaning on their journey to reach their full potential.

Who We Are

Lindsay leverages her personal adversity story, natural curiosity, sales expertise, plus leadership and business strategy experience to get to the root of what’s getting in the way of top performance. Her reflective, inspirational, and disciplined style challenges people to look inside and determine what’s most important, outline what their ideal state looks like, and then carry out a plan to get there.


Brooke leverages her personal adversity experiences, her natural gifts of energy and compassion, business relationships and connections to help individuals and teams become the best version of themselves. Her intuitive, positive, and customized approach guides clients to be empowered, accountable, and to succeed by whatever definition they deem appropriate for them. A trusted ally in your journey to success, and restoring the path in which to get there.


Sarah utilizes her organizational skills, eye for details and business background to focus on Coaches’ needs and Clients’ goals. Her thoughtful, steadfast approach strengthens our mission and connects our Team. Her calming presence keeps us centered on helping Clients see what’s possible and the patience it takes to get there wholeheartedly.


What We Do

To understand oneself, honor others, connect with something greater, and operate in alignment with all of these is our highest calling and richest blessing. By following this path you are able to live your best life, do your best work, and lead as your best self. Understanding yourself also enables you to establish safety, belonging, and trust in any environment so you can perform at the highest level and achieve your goals with family, friends, coworkers, and your community.


Most workplace challenges stem from human issues. The absence of trust, lack of clarity, and misunderstandings or misperceptions are at the root of most problems in work and in life. If we spent more time creating understanding and communicating our expectations, we would improve productivity, engagement, morale, and outcomes quite drastically.

By serving as your partner, our team will bring our inspiration, ideas, and insights plus the ability to draw out the best in your team so together we can come up with the right solution. Whether you are looking for energy and motivation in an hour engagement, a year-long leadership development experience, a customized team development plan, guidance on strategic planning, or a strategic free agent to be on your team in an ongoing capacity, we will work with you to identify how we can help you achieve your goals and then customize an approach and engagement that works for everyone.




She is the exact right mix of tough love and support.  I am breaking through so many internal walls while crushing career goals I never thought possible.  She is so effective at showing me my true potential and helping me reach it.  I am grateful every single day that I chose her as my coach!

-Lindsay Handy, Agent with New York Life Insurance

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