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The Path of Acceptance

Let it go. Let it ALL go. Let the chips fall as they may.

As you journey through on the path of acceptance for what you only know to be what is.

Breathe. Accept. Release.

Give yourself the grace to navigate those waters as they come crashing like a raging sea never knowing where the next wave might just be. Well. it.

Breathe. Accept. Release.

Listen to the inner knowing of the truth of how uniquely beautifully created, and powerful your presence is in this life however long or short it may be.

Calm the voice that is shouting what if, how will, when will, and have too.

Breathe. Accept. Release.

Ground yourself in receiving that what is here is all we have. Here. Now.

Breathe. Accept. Release. 

Written by: Brooke Fitzgerald, Energy Builder at The Restoration Project

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