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Reflections from the One Word

Our team members practice the One Word exercise each year and love to reflect on what our word(s) taught us.

The reflection from our Calm Creator, Sarah, on her One Word for 2022:

Play Everyday In 2022 my word of the year was 'Play.' The reason I chose this word is because I often get zoned in on my targets, projects, life action, care for the planet and people in my life. In the long-term, this is not sustainable for me. So, it was time to recalibrate.

Over time I've learned that PLAY is vital to my creative energy and high impact interactions with the Universe. Play was the perfect word for me this year. My steps got lighter and my heart began to sing louder. It brought me spontaneity when I needed it most and breaks when I didn't need them at all. All good things! Plus, as a working parent, my kids needed to observe me in a relaxed mode, not always tackling a never-ending list of tasks. It was a gift for their growing minds and bodies to witness me in laughter and pure goofy-ness.

Cheers to the sledding down the hill in January, writing notes on my old typewriter in February, floating in saltwater during March, dancing (and falling!) at my friend's wedding in April, escaping rooms with friends in May, jumping on the bed in June, lighting sparklers and bonfires in July, wandering on artist dates in August, swinging in September, jumping in leaves during October, roller skating in November, scheming on skip day in December and all the other fun moments in-between.

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." E.E. Cummings

The reflection from our Energy Builder, Brooke, on her One Word for 2022:

My Word for 2022 was 'Trust & Balance' and here are my lessons learned:

  • When I make time and space to ground myself and connect in nature, I can trust myself deeper and find balance in my daily routine.

  • I have to trust myself first, before there will be any sort of balance and peace in my heart.

  • There are so many days when it's tempting to give into fear and the great unraveling, as it seems easier. Digging in when that is hard, and leaning on faith that I can trust God and the work he is doing through me, and balancing the tug of war in my mind that asking for help when it's tough isn't weak, has been a true blessing. It has allowed me to unpack another layer of healing that I haven't done.

The reflection from our Dream Builder, Lindsay, on her One Word for 2022:

My word this year was RECEIVE. As a fixer, rescuer, protector...I was initially very resistant to this word when it chose me. That was my first hint this word had a lot to teach me. Here are just a few of my lessons from the word RECEIVE in 2022. \

  • I learned that receiving help from others can be a gift to the other person, and that opening up and relying on someone else actually deepens our relationship and builds trust.

  • I received love and goodness and life from people I used to guard against, allowing them to be them and me to be me. I let go of unrealistic expectations I had, learned to forgive and to meet people where they are.

  • I received acceptance and love of the deepest parts of me from people I trust. I let them be with me in the darkest moments and wholly leaned on them for love and support even though I was terrified of rejection and judgment. This is new for me and something I will continue to practice.

  • I received the deep peace that only God can provide in the silent and still spaces I had so long avoided because I was afraid of what that silence and stillness would reveal.

  • I realized how important receiving is to my ability to give and love in a meaningful and high quality way.

  • I got to practice how to receive and then let go of things that are not meant for me: the opinions and emotions of others, judgment, blame, etc. without becoming bitter or dishonoring, judging or devaluing the person who gave those things to me.

  • I learned to receive the unexpected challenges and hurts as opportunities to reflect, reprioritize, let go, release and heal. Allowing them to strengthen my spirit and character instead of throw me off course.

  • I received the gift of energy and time from those who stepped in to assist or accept the tasks that were draining or depleting me.

RECEIVE reminded me how important staying open, being vulnerable and allowing love to flow is...even when it isn't perfect and we get hurt, it's better than closing down and shutting people out to protect ourselves.

Do you want to reflect on your own experiences or create a vision for what's next? We enjoy being a safe space for many. Reach out to The Restoration Project team at and let’s explore how we can support you!

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