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Pause to Live with Courage

Have you ever taken a walk in the rain?

Not a torrential downpour, but a soft light rain where the droplets touch your cheeks, the wind blows on your face, and the air smells like new speckles of life + nature’s beauty.

There are very few adults (that I know of) who love to walk in the rain, but it can be quite magical. While walking in the rain you may notice something that as adults, we forget about. The worms. Children spot these right away on the sidewalks, driveways and streets.

In our youth many of us were told that worms come up for air when it rains so they can breathe better and avoid drowning in the saturated soil, but that’s not entirely true. There are a few reasons worms venture out when it rains. One of the most common reasons is disbursement and relocation. Essentially they’re seeking new mates and new territory. Plus, according to The Nature Conservancy, “They can migrate much longer distances than they ever could underground.” Coming to the surface is not an easy feat. They often encounter predators, but most survive. 

As adults we often pile more and more into our lives, and when life is raining and our environment is saturated…we forget to take a pause and come up for air, explore new environments, and seek out new relationships.


We’re busy.

We ignore the signs from our body and mind.

We choose our ego over the opportunity to become self-aware.

We believe in the ‘push through’ mentality. 

But it leaves us unsettled and struggling for air the next time it rains. And this perpetuates.

When life is saturated, it’s actually one of the best and most critical times to come up for air, take a pause, reassess our surroundings and relationships. 

And yes, of course - I have experienced this many times. For example, during my sales career I rarely came up for air. Every month started over with a new goal and a new target. As someone that is hardwired as an achiever, I did not practice the pause…ever. Then my weeks started to blur together and I rarely made time for fun, extra family activities, or a simple hobby. This led to not fully enjoying my work and being tired week after week. 

What does Taking the Pause look like?

  • It can be a quick 5 minutes in the car. 

  • It can be removing ourselves from our current space and setting up camp somewhere new.

  • It can be making a new connection and exploring a future friendship.

  • It can be taking an hour off and reflecting upon what’s working and what’s not. 

Pushing Through is often the chosen route, but it’s not sustainable.

Taking the Pause is the courageous path.

It also helps when you have a leader that models this behavior. In one of my first professional roles post-grad, I had a leader that reminded me often, “You’ll never get to the end of your life and say, ‘I wish I would have worked more.’ Remember that.” My leader was right. Plus, she didn’t simply say these words to me. She also was a role model for this mantra. She would often pop over to my desk in the middle of the afternoon and kindly force me to step out of the office and go for a brisk walk together in the parking lot. She left work on time 90% of days and rarely worked in the evenings, even before she had kids. She simply prioritized Taking the Pause and practiced it every week. 

Living with Courage is one of core values at The Restoration Project. Each of our collective team members have a responsibility and desire to Live with Courage. This includes:

  • Work to keep an open heart in all situations.

  • Move quickly from resistance to acceptance.

  • Always be seeking ways to better yourself.

In my experience Taking the Pause on a daily and/or weekly basis has made a positive difference in my ability to ‘Live with Courage’ in professional and personal settings. One of my favorite ways to Pause is by taking a walk in the rain; I enjoy it. Grab your umbrella and try it someday. When life is raining and our environment is saturated… it’s the best time to take the pause and come up for air, explore new environments, and seek out new relationships.

Are you curious how to Live with Courage and seeking support to Take the Pause? Reach out to: We welcome the opportunity to serve + support you!

Written by Sarah Watson, Creator of Calm at The Restoration Project

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