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Staying Open and Surprising Myself

I process a lot of things through songs and have various different things I listen to depending on what I'm going through. This one has been on repeat recently, "Surprise Yourself" by Jack Garrett. Particularly these lyrics:

"Speak and open up your mind

it's something you should do all the time

Keep exploring, seek and find

You know you might surprise yourself

Talk without a taint to hold

The doubts that should embrace your heart

The calm and chaos of your soul

You know you might surprise yourself"

I'm reminded to keep myself open, to do the work and not to push things away. Not to be afraid of the journey but embrace the things I'm learning along the way. I don't have to have everything figured out just yet, and in the process I might just surprise myself.

If folks have a chance to listen to it, I highly recommend and I would recommend watching the video for it as you listen. I've linked it below and it's a beautiful video about people facing their fears and embracing the journey.

The singer/songwriter was quoted as saying "I wrote the song for a special person in my life who had had the worst day where you feel like the world is against you, or the universe has decided you suck. I wanted to remind her that wasn't the case, that we all still have the confidence, we all still have the ability to encourage ourselves to be courageous."

I thought that was a beautiful sentiment that also embodies what we are setting out to do within The Restoration Project not only for ourselves but for others - that those stories we tell ourselves that aren't very nice, or the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves aren't the case. We have the ability to encourage ourselves and others.. to be courageous in doing the work and in the process, we might just surprise ourselves.

Written by: Kim Laughridge, Courage Builder at The Restoration Project

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