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Community Builder

You can choose to unify or divide with your thoughts, words, and actions. As the world continues to change, we need leaders focused on bringing people together, finding common ground, and creating honorable solutions. Connection is perhaps the most crucial component in building a productive and positive workplace. Connected teams drive collaboration, nurture healthy working relationships, and promote knowledge-sharing. The more connected we are as colleagues, the more efficient and enjoyable our workplace will be.

In the process of restoring a connection with others, we realize we're actually creating a link with ourselves. By being seen and loved for who we are, how we think, and what we feel, we are empowered to live as our true selves and reach our fullest potential!

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How clients describe Jessica:

Connector, Collaborator, Strategic, Inspiring, Tenacious, Empathetic, Energetic, Compassionate.


What Jessica is passionate about and excels in: 

  • Building and implementing programs that support and develop leaders.

  • Empowering participants to live, lead, and work with purpose and to their fullest potential. 

  • Facilitating collaboration and leveraging opportunities to build strategic partnerships. 

  • Linking people and resources together to create positive changes and long-term impacts. 

  • Generating momentum within the community through key conversations and big action. 

  • Leading organizations and businesses to unique solutions that drive internal success and enhance their brand.