Vision Builder + Consultant | Coach | Speaker

Getting to the heart of people and solutions can be hard. It takes courage. It takes confidence to ask the hard questions. It takes patience and understanding to reflect on them. I am here to help peel the onion of whatever challenges you might be facing. I am ready to take that a step further and help define what the vision for the future looks like, and strategically help you reach your ideal state - whether it be personal or in your organization. After all - you have ONE life to live, why not live YOUR best life!

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How clients describe Heidi:

Action-oriented, Caring, Collaborator, Courageous, Creative, Deliberative, Strategic, Transparent, Visionary


What Heidi is passionate about and gets hired for:

  • Helping companies find a balance with their team members, customers, and bottom line.

  • Being an unbiased third-party to peel the onion on challenges in teams and groups, and help create synergy, strategy, and actionable steps to bridge the gap.

  • Connecting dots across an organization for vision, strategy, and execution to increase empowerment, engagement, efficiency, and productivity.

  • Create and implement programs, initiatives or strategies from the ground up to propel the curiosity and empowerment of team members.

  • Coach and mentor individuals to propel their confidence and curiosity.