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Improve effectiveness, execution & enjoyment on your team!

Our flagship team development program is targeted to remove conflict and tension, establish trust and understanding, develop clarity and cohesion, and create an environment that allows the team to perform at the highest level. 


The Empowerment Program has garnered phenomenal results because of its focus on individual and collective understanding and performance. This 4-6 month program includes both individual and group coaching. We assess each individual team member’s beliefs, attitude, behavior, and performance as well as that of the collective group. We build ideal visions for individuals and the group, and then our team identifies the mindset shifts, skills, and habits needed to reach the ideal and forms the coaching around those. 


We debrief with leadership every 2 weeks to share proposed changes in strategy, systems, and processes that could accelerate success. Our clients see immediate improvements in engagement and performance, and have been able to maintain the positive momentum after we’ve disengaged.


You will notice these changes in your team: 


  • Enhanced confidence of each member

  • Increased clarity and cohesion within the group

  • Greater trust and understanding

  • A more effective and enjoyable team and client experience

  • Improved outcomes the group is responsible for

  • Issues are identified and addressed more quickly and effectively

  • Successful and sustainable execution

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